Cuban Drinks & Cigars

  Cuba has the largest population in the Caribbean, topping off at over 11 million people. It is well known for many things such as its genre of music and dancing (mostly from its European and African origins), its famous cigars, and the Cuban cocktail of rum, coke, and lemon/lime, known as the Cuba Libre. Cuba’s deep-rooted love for music and dancing is a great


Season Your Life with These Cuban Spices!

In my mind, all you need for some tasty Cuban dishes is the right seasoning, a good piece of meat, and some rice. As Cuban cuisine is the perfect mix of Spanish, Portuguese, French, Caribbean, African, and Asian cuisines and spices from drifters and settlers who came to Cuba during the early Caribbean slave trade. Today, Cubans tend to mix several fresh local ingredients with


A Spoonful of Cuban Desserts

Officially named the Republic of Cuba, this breathtaking country is a great place to vacation and taste the best Cuban desserts. With more than 11 million inhabitants on this Caribbean island, you can only bet that there are plenty of people to cook up traditional Cuban food and pastries. Especially since Cuban families love to cook together and pass down recipes from generation to generation.