Cultural Tourism in Guatemala

Cultural Tourism - Chichicastenango, Guatemala Chichicastenango is an indigenous village lying on the crest of the northern volcanoes in Guatemala. It is at an altitude of almost 2000 meters (6500 feet) and is especially busy during market days which are held every Thursday and Sunday. The market days are a hustle and bustle atmosphere, unlike anything I have ever experienced in all of my travels.


Things to do in Guatemala

  Things to do in Guatemala: Chichicastenango Things to do in Guatemala She thought about why she was going to visit Guatemala. What are the things to do in Guatemala? What was the pull, the attraction? What was it that intrigued her so much? Her heart had understood something that her brain couldn’t understand as she embarked on this journey to Central America. You


Marlin Fishing in Guatemala

Marlin Fishing Looking out over the sparkling deep blue water, I thought I had seen him far in the distance. He and I had been fighting for a while. Marlin Fishing With every pull and spin my arms were getting tired, yet he did seem to be getting stronger, as he approached the marlin fishing boat. Suddenly, he surged straight up out of