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Positano Beach, Italy: Bellisimo!

There is so much to say about Positano Italy, and yet nothing you can say that will give you the true essence to explain what Positano and Postianto Beach are all about. It speaks for itself, without superfluous words. It is so stunning that it makes you hunger for more. I can say that I absolutely loved the stunning drive we took down the Amalfi Coast from Rome to Positano by car. You know what they say, getting there is part of the journey.

Positano, Italy

Once you have arrived, the chic hotels, the winding roads, the houses, and apartments built up on the hill. You will be in awe. Somehow Positano has managed to maintain its traditional character after all of its fame. We arrived mid to late afternoon, with the mysterious foggy cloud over the city, making it a bit difficult to find our villa. But after several back and forths as to where it SHOULD be, we found it: straight up the hill, yet not so far from Positano Beach.Positano Beach, Things to do in Positano, What to do in Positano, Italy, #Positano #Italy

Positano Beach and Luxury Villas

Positano Beach

After securing our luggage in our villa, we started the trek down to the little supermarket. It was just a short walk down the lighted pathway to purchase wine, cheese, salami, prosciutto, olives, and bread. This, for me, is the quintessential meal in Italy (and at home!). It is almost (sometimes) better than going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Here is the view from our room the next morning, notice the delicious breakfast they brought to us for us to eat on the terrace!

Positano, Italy, View from Villa Mary, Positano Luxury hotels, Positano Beach

A room with a view – Positano, Italy

A Walk Down To Positano Beach

We stayed at Villa Mary Suites, the #1 B&B listed on Tripadvisor for Positano. The view from our room was nothing short of spectacular! That next morning, the air was crisp, as we made our way down to Positano Beach. And I do mean “down”.  It is a long hike from where the villa was to the beach, but oh, such a wonderful walk. The colors of the buildings amazed me. I love moss and I love the colors it brings when it grows on these ancient walls. Green and blue are my favorite colors, and this is how they naturally appear on the walls in the sweet town of Positano, Italy.

Positano Beach, Positano, Italy, View from Villa Mary, Positano Luxury hotels

Green walls of Positano, Italy

Positano Beach, Positano, Italy, View from Villa Mary, Positano Luxury hotels,

Blue Walls of Positano, Italy

Honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Where to Stay Near Positano Beach:

We stayed at Villa Mary Suites, the #1 B & B listed on the Tripadvisor website at the time and we absolutely loved it. But I found countless other cute places to stay:

Things to do, What to do in Positano, Italy, #Positano #Italy

Positano, Italy: More views of Positano Beach

What I found funny about Positano is that you don’t even have to know where you are going, there is just a simple path, leading you down to Positano Beach. We never even asked for directions, we could just see where we wanted to go.

Positano, Italy, View from Villa Mary, Positano Luxury hotels, Positano Beach

Positano, Italy

The shops, architecture, and walkways make this place so quaint and wonderful. I could literally walk around for days looking at and photographing the doorways, architecture, and the views of this gorgeous Italian village.

Positano, Italy, View from Villa Mary, Positano Luxury hotels, Positano Beach

Positano Beach

Positano Beach, Positano, Italy, View from Villa Mary, Positano Luxury hotels

My husband and I on the steps of a hotel along Positano Beach.

Positano Beach and People Watching

Once we made our way to the brown, sandy Positano Beach, the people watching and gorgeous beach made it an incredible sightseeing experience. This is what I am talking about in my biography when I say “creating experiences for you and your family.” Positano, Italy is truly an experience. Quite frankly, you almost can’t believe a place like this exists. Here is the other side of Positano beach.

Positano, Italy, View from Villa Mary, Positano Luxury hotels, Positano Beach

Shores of the Positano Beach

Positano, Italy, View from Villa Mary, Positano Luxury hotels, Positano Beach

Beach in Positano, Italy

Positano’s Main Beach is Marina Grande Beach

Positano, Italy is postcard-perfect and it is easy to find Positano’s main beach. In fact, it is one of the most cosmopolitan of all the beaches along the Amalfi Coast. With its dark grey sand and the gorgeous Tyrrhenian Sea, it is the iconic image of the Amalfi Coast that I think of.

While at Marina Grande Beach, look for the main steps, and on either side are two restaurants that we were recommended for lunch, Le Tre Sorelle, on the left and I can’t remember the name of the other one. We went to the other one, on the right of the main steps. The photo below is of the cat that lives there!

Positano, Italy, Positano Beach, Positano Luxury Hotels

Cats in Positano, Italy

People Flock to Positano Beach 

Positano Beach is a  300-meter-long strip (about 1000 feet) in the center of Positano, Italy where travelers flock, especially in the summertime. When we were then in February, there was practically no one there! Summer travelers come for a swim and to dine at the many restaurants that line the shore. Part of Positano Beach is managed by L’Incanto, which rents beach chairs, umbrellas, and sunbeds. They provide changing rooms and access to showers as well.

At the end of the beach is Scogliera, a rocky terrace that has topless sunbathing and where the nightclub Music On the Rocks is located. This goes on during the summer, but you won’t see any of this during the shoulder season, which is when we were there.

Positano, Italy, View from Villa Mary, Positano Luxury hotels, Positano Beach

Restaurant on Positano Beach, Italy

In the middle of the beach, in the spiaggia libera – or the free beach of Positano, where you can lay out your towel or grab a lounge chair – this place was made for beach bums and there are no rental fees in this section.  There is a small jetty for boat excursions and where rented boats depart to and from Capri.

And so, here we sat, mesmerized by this place called Positano Beach.

Positano Beach

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Positano Beach, Positano, Italy

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Anna Bell

Sunday 28th of August 2016

Hi Honey,

We are planning to drive and yours is the first blog that says Rome to Positano is a good idea. How many hours did it take you? what car would you recommend hiring? and did you find difficult parking by the hotel? Thank you great blog!

Cacinda Maloney

Sunday 4th of September 2016

Hey miss Anna Bell! I loved the trip from Rome to Positano. I can't remember how many hours, but I am sure you can google it... I do remember it was a winding road. No problems with parking, although the parking in the streets can be tight! lol


Wednesday 26th of March 2014

Thanks for sharing! We are so looking forward to our visit to the Amalfi Coast and Positano this June.

Cacinda Maloney

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

You will absolutely love it! It is a very special place!

Deborah Thompson

Friday 15th of March 2013

Beautiful blog, and I simply couldn't agree with all of your observations. It was nice for me to revisit this adventure through your eyes thank you! Really enjoyed it!

Cacinda Maloney

Friday 15th of March 2013

Yes, we both agree! Positano is a must see and must experience for every jet setter or wanderluster.

Cacinda Maloney

Thursday 23rd of August 2012

Thanks Sabrina, what's your favorite place in Italy?


Saturday 18th of August 2012

You've painted an accurate and lovely picture! The colorad, the smells, the texture of Positano - spectacular! Well done.

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