Eat in Italy: Eat. Drink. Be Italian.

When I found myself with the better part of a day to explore the medieval city of Perugia, I stumbled across a Perugia food tour. It was offered by Via Del Vino Food & Wine Tours. This four-hour tour, created by Susan Guerra, seemed just the ticket for the perfect places to eat in Italy.  Now I confess to not being a connoisseur of great


Italian Vacation: Under the ‘Middle-Aged’ Tuscan Sun

I thought I heard the faintest sound coming from outside my window. What was that? Just as the sun was beginning to peek into my 18th-century room at a luxury hamlet in Tuscany, I begin to wake out of one of the deepest sleeps I had been in in a while. The glow of the sun tossed shadows on to the white washed walls and


Luxury Firenze Hotel: IL Salviatino – Florence, Italy

Luxury Firenze Hotel: IL Salviatino - Florence, Italy Exhausted from my overnight flight to Rome from the USA, and then my train ride to Florence, I was bound and determined to make it to my Firenze hotel to find my suite with a king-sized bed soon. It was not exactly in the center of  Florence, but in a neighborhood on a hill overlooking Florence known as


Italy Vacations – Make This Your Next Authentic Italian Vacation

Italy Vacations - Make This Your Next Authentic Italian Vacation Americans love Italy Vacations. Yet many times when we go, we get bogged down in the massive cities and we begin to feel that the vacation becomes "too touristy". In Rome, the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain are so busy that they are almost avoidable areas to go to anymore because of the massive crowds.


Exploring Venice: Best Things to do in Venice Italy

If you ask me how I like to travel, I would say “solo.” As a photographer, I find it’s easier to wander alone and take my time to get exactly the right shot. So on my third visit exploring, I found some of the best things to do in Venice, Italy.  I was totally prepared to take in a day at the Carnival of  Venice,


One of the Best Places to Go in Italy

One of the Best Places to Go in Italy: The Strozzi Family Estate   My modern day fairytale: It is not every day you get to meet Italian royalty! “Privilege comes with an acute sense of responsibility. It’s like carrying the weight of a thousand years on your shoulders—as if the eyes of history were always upon you—and you need to find the way to


Hotel Adler Spa in Tuscany, Italy for Your Mind and Soul

Hotel Adler, otherwise known as the Adler Thermae Spa and Relax Resort in Tuscany, Italy We had arrived in this tiny little town in Italy in the middle of Tuscany and were anxious to see what was meant by this Italian “relax spa” called Hotel Adler. I had heard Italians relax differently than Americans, so I was ready to find out the differences at Hotel Adler.


A Tiny Island in the Middle of Rome: Tiber Island, Italy

I watched out the large rectangular window and the massive television screen blaring Italian on the wall at the same time. Glancing back and forth, I could see where each frame of the movie had been filmed. The main actor would walk into the door that I had just walked through and then up the stairs to the very room I was standing in. However,


The Power of Travel Seen Through the Eyes of a Travel Company

Most days I write about my travel experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly… But mostly I write about the wonderful travel experiences that I feel and see through my rose-colored glasses. I am grateful for the travel experiences that I have had around the globe and a recent invite by Trafalgar Tours, a global travel company, made me realize what goes into making


Venice – Behind the Mask

I’m a collector of masks. On display in my home are over 30 masks carefully carted back as my treasures from visits to faraway lands. So naturally, heading to Venice, I was keen on picking up a few Venice masks to add to my collection. I timed my visit to be there during the last three days of the Carnival of Venice so as to


Authentic Italian Recipes for the Soul

Authenticity in food is a very fluid concept, especially when looking for authentic food from a specific country. Authentic Italian food to the baker on the corner in Tuscany could be different to the pastry chef down the street, much less the difference in different regions of Italy. In fact, the same recipe can taste different from chef to chef and all of them will


Carnival of Venice

Photo by Donnie Sexton Hands down, the most spectacular event I’ve ever witnessed has to be the Carnival of Venice. I didn’t rent a costume or pay to attend any of the masquerade balls, but I had the time of my life wandering this historical city and being utterly bedazzled by the continual parade of costumed people there to celebrate. Photo by


Unique Italian Gelato Culture

Gelateria Artigianale Chez Toi Pizzo, Calabria; Italy   I had only one purpose in mind on my recent visit to Pizzo. It may or may not have something to do with Italian Gelato, but I will tell you about that in a minute. Because first I want to tell you what it feels like when you walk into a southern Italian town, and you are


Food, Friendship and Wine: LeMarche Region, Italy

  Academia del Padlòt at Palazzo Donati kitchen Homemade, handmade pasta Coradella – lamb’s liver with garlic Deep in the caverns of a palatial kitchen, we sang and laughed, as we tasted the flavorful homemade food, high in the hills of Mercatello sul Metauro, Italy.  I heard the sounds of many languages, laughter, and songs, as I popped fava


Five reasons to rent an apartment in Rome, Italy

By Cacinda Maloney Rome, Italy Rome, the eternal city.  Who doesn't love Rome?  I fell in love the moment I landed there and have continued to go back there year after year.  It is a fabulous city!  There are so many things to see and do in Rome.  But one thing that makes Rome so much better is if you rent an apartment.


The Lost Art of Print Blocking in Carpegna, Italy: Regenerated

This post is shortlisted by Italy Magazine as best blog post on an art and culture blog for 2014!  The Lost Art of Print Blocking in Carpegna, Italy: Regenerated Carpegna, Italy Rumbling down the road, past the emerald green pastures, dirt and signs in Italian, I knew I was up for this adventure. The roads became tinier and tinier as we headed toward


A weekend trip to Cesenatico along the Adriatic Sea, Italy

If you have not had a chance to visit the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, then I have a treat for you.  I know I have told stories about this region before.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the big four: Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice, as much as the next guy, but honestly, the crowds are getting almost too much for me to bear, and


Luxury Tuscany, Italy: A Journey for the Soul

By Cacinda Maloney Luxury Tuscany, Italy:  A Journey for the Soul Montestigliano, Tuscany, Italy Stranded on a path overgrown with weeds, thickets and briar, I search in the almost darkness to get my bearings in order to find the main road.  Weary with thoughts, I found the gravel road in the haunting fog and a chill swept over me. Montestigliano, Tuscany, Italy


Deep into the Secret Lair of Siena’s Contrade System

By Cacinda Maloney UPDATE: Torre wins the July 2015 Palio with Andrea Mari aka Brio on Morosita. Andrea Mari wins his 5th Palio and is the new Re della Piazza (King of the Square) Siena, Italy The Palio - Tensions in the crowd grow wild as one by one the horses appear with their barebacked jockeys on the track and take to the line. The


Top Secrets of Rome, Italy Revealed: Food!

I had no idea you guys loved your pizza so much! When I posted a photo of some pizza I had in Rome. I overwhelmingly got so many comments and "likes" on my facebook page that I decided to write about some interesting foods I have discovered in Rome. Pizza from Pizza del Teatro, Rome, Italy I was making my way to the


Greece, Italy and France are calling my name

By Cacinda Maloney I am about to embark on a journey.  Really, it is a 32-day voyage of my life.  As a mother, wife and business owner, I lose pieces of myself along my life path.  Pieces of myself swirl down the drain while I am washing the dishes for the umteenth time.  I can see them in the washing machine spiraling around, as I


Italy Magazine Blog Awards 2013: Yippee! I won

By Cacinda Maloney Italy Magazine - Blogger Awards 2014   So Excited about the announcement of the Italy Magazine's Blog Awards 2013! If you know me, then you know it is no secret that Italy is an amazing destination that I love to visit!  Yes it is true, I absolutely find Italy fascinating and I am happy to announce that one of the


Altavita Winery – The High Life of Cesena, Italy

  AtlaVita Winery, Cesena, Italy Altavita Winery - The High Life of Cesena, Italy Sometimes in my life and in my travels, I meet people who are living their life to the fullest.  I immediately get a sense that they know what they want and go after it.  And Alessandra Giunchi of Cesena, Italy was no exception.  Handsome, smart and from a family


9 Things to do in Venice, Italy

Everyone knows Venice, but how many people really know those 100 islands in Northern Italy's Veneto region built upon the islands of the Adriatic Sea? Venice, also known as Venezia to the Italians, is a 1700-year-old city that at one time was considered the epicenter of European finances and art. Today it is a romantic tourist destination for all to enjoy, where you can walk over


Cesena,Italy Has a Secret You Should Know About!

Cesena, Italy: They have a secret I love it when I come across something so magnificent, that I am dying to tell you about it…while strolling the streets of Cesena, Italy... which is amazing in itself, I was introduced to the local library, a gem at the foot of the Apennine Mountains. This city is just 9 miles from the Adriatic Sea and was an important town


Genoa, Italy and the BW City Hotel

  Genoa, Italy Piazza de Ferrari Genoa, I return to you, like a long lost friend, you have become a welcoming sight.  So few Americans make their way into the trap of your charm, your beauty, and of course, your pesto.  Yet soon, I believe your region of Liguria will make it into the hearts of tourists worldwide, but secretly I wish they


La Bottega del Legno: The Wood Shop in Forli, Italy

  La Bottega del Legno - Luigi Lombardi's Violin Shop in Dovadola, Italy The Violin The year was 1943 and it was blistering cold.  The conditions were unbearable and he struggled with making it yet another day.  Days ran into more days at the concentration camp. But there was one thing that Giuseppe Lombardi loved and that was the sound of music and


Italy Revealed: Camogli

By Cacinda Maloney I was shocked to see the cover of Travel + Leisure July 2013 issue with my beloved Camogli on the front cover.  I only recently discovered it and hope that not too many tourists find themselves there this year. Camogli, Italy From what I understand, the Italians from the region feel the same way, since Portofino has been flooded with


Le Rune, Genoa, Italy

  LaRune RestaurantGenoa, ItalyBW City Hotel You know a restaurant is good when you show up with a reservation and there is not a single seat available in the house. LeRune RestaurantGenoa, ItalyBW City Hotel The place was abuzz when I arrived at Le Rune, in Genoa. Italy, it is the flagship restaurant to the BW City Hotel.  The downstairs was


Get the Scoop on the Best Gelato in Rome,Italy!

Gelato in Rome Gelato in Rome Looking for the Best Gelato in Rome! We headed down Via dei Coronari knowing it was around here somewhere.  We had been here before and knew we had to find it again. We were somewhere near Piazza Navona when we ended up finding it tucked in an alleyway beside a  stone stairway with a secret-like entrance next to the Il

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