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Fun Things To See & Do in Port Dickson

Port Dickson is a charming coastal town that has everything from nature-based zoos and aquariums to historical monuments and lighthouses. There are plenty of things to do in Port Dickson. They also have many choices of hotels and resorts for you and your family to spend your holidays. Port Dickson, or fondly known as PD, is the pride of Negeri Sembilan region in Malaysia. It may not be on your radar, but it should be! Below I have outlined fun Port Dickson Attractions.

Things to do in Port Dickson

Port Dickson Attractions, Port Dickson Beach,

Things to do in Port Dickson

Port Dickson Attractions

Located along the coast, Port Dickson is only about an hour’s drive from the capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Port Dickson has everything from three-star resorts to over the water chalets at good prices. It is an easy place for you to relax and unwind for a long weekend away from Kuala Lumpur or to go for a week on vacation! It is also very easy to book Port Dickson hotels on Travelocity.

Port Dickson Attractions, Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia, tropical, beach setting

Port Dickson is a lovely town with beautiful beaches. The sun is usually shining and it is a great place to swim or layout to tan, as well. It lies in the perfect location where it links the Indian and the Pacific Ocean in the Straits of Malacca. According to Wikipedia, it is also the shortest sea route between three of the world’s most populous countries – India, China, and Indonesia.Port Dickson Attractions, Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia, flowers, tropical

Fun Things To Do in Port Dickson

Once you get here, after you relax in your bungalow, here is what you can do: 

Wan Loong Chinese Temple 

Wan Loong is a peaceful and colorful temple on the main road in Port Dickson. It is very nice and worth a trip, as admission is free. They also have a garden and a small pond where they have many turtles. Turtles are thought to bring good luck when you rub their shell to get a good fortune.Galapagos Sea Turtle, The Galapagos Islands: An Archipelago Like No Other on Earth, Eclipse Yacht, Adventure Smith Explorations, Photo by

Alive 3D Art Gallery

This art gallery has 50 3D art murals that allow for you to be a part of the action. It is a fun visit with over 3 floors of artwork. It is located in Lukut, which is North of the Port Dickson area and a fun Port Dickson Attraction.Port Dickson Attractions, Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia, Alive 3D Art Gallery

Army Museum

This museum has lots of different types of army vehicles, weapons, a steam engine, a few aircraft carriers, and even a helicopter! It is divided into different sections, a Portuguese section, a British and a Japanese occupation section. They also have a short underground tunnel. The museum is mostly outside, so it can be hot. Also, it is a no-fee museum.

Port Dickson Attractions, Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia, flowers, tropical

Cape Rachado

The cape was an area where a famous battle occurred in 1606 between the Dutch and the Portuguese armies. Primarily people visit it for its historical significance and during a visit you will see a forest and lighthouse. It is close to the Blue Lagoon or Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse. Built in the 16th century, this lighthouse was used to guide sailing vessels to Melaka. Cape Rachado is also the stopover for various species of migratory birds.

Visit the Many Beaches of Port Dickson

One of the most popular things to do is to visit the beaches while you are here. They are low level or shallow water beaches that have very little surf and allow for easy entry. Pantai Cahaya Negeri is considered the most beautiful beach in Port Dickson.

Port Dickson Attractions, Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia, tropical, beach setting

Go to the Ostrich Farm Port Dickson

Another fun attraction is the Ostrich Farm Port Dickson, where there are plenty of ostrich’s hanging out, but even more than that there was practically a zoo there. With everything from horses, donkeys, goats, rabbits chickens, turkeys, and peacocks, there is plenty to look at and pet. Most animals could be fed.

You can even have the kids ride an ostrich, as well as horses, for those kids who are too big to ride an ostrich.

Kota Lukut Museum & Fort

Port Dickson Attractions, Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia, Things to do Port Dickson

Kota Lukut (Lukut Museum and Fort) is situated on a hill – Lukut Museum and Fort is in the historical area of Port Dickson. This museum commemorates the history of Lukut with a monument and many artifacts on display from the sunken Dutch battleship.

Port Dickson – How to Get There

Once in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there are buses to most of the Port Dickson attractions. I found it a bit easier to take a taxi from my hotel and it took around an hour and a half. One of the few places I have gotten ripped off with a taxi was in KL, so prices beware! The taxi prices on to Kuala Lumpur varied quite a lot. I  found a taxi via the hotel that I stayed in. You can also rent a car, but I didn’t trust my own driving in a foreign country!

Port Dickson Attractions, Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia, flowers, tropical

Things to do in Port Dickson

Don’t forget that you can also get to Port Dickson quite easily from Singapore, either through a private car, taxi, or bus. It is typically a four-hour drive in a car and 5-hours on a bus. The bus drops off at the following hotels: Grand Lexis Hotel, Lexis Hibiscus Hotel, and Avillion Hotel.

Port Dickson Hotels:

Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Hotel NameLexis Hibiscus Port Dickson

Where:  12th Mile, Jalan PantaiPasir Panjang 71250, Malaysia

Trip Advisor Rating: #1 of 1 Hotel in Pasir Panjang 

Price ranging from $178 – $462 USD

Ranking: 5-Star

Rooms: It has a 13 story main tower set on the beach while the smaller villa units are spacious with 2 big king-size beds in a single room, a living room, and an outdoor area that includes a small pool and steam room. It has 639 rooms. Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson has an impressive layout with over the water bungalows (Strait of Malacca) in the shape of the sepal, petals, and pistil of the namesake flower Hibiscus!

Thistle Port Dickson

Hotel NameThistle Port Dickson

Where:  Located in Port Dickson, within a 36-hectare tropical paradise. Thistle Port Dickson resort boasts a private sandy beach right on its doorstep. KM16, Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Trip Advisor Rating: 

#1 Best Value Hotel in Port Dickson
#2 On the Beach Hotel in Port Dickson
#3 Spa Hotel in Port Dickson
#3 Luxury Hotel in Port Dickson

Price ranging from $64 – $287 USD

Ranking: 4 1/2-Star

Rooms:  Thistle Port Dickson has 251 suites, rooms, and family rooms. There are some issues with the condition of the property, however, they are slowly but surely upgrading their rooms in stages.

Avillion Port Dickson

Hotel NameAvillion Port Dickson

Where:  3rd Mile, Jalan PantaiPort Dickson 71000, Malaysia

Trip Advisor Rating: 

#1 On the Beach Hotel in Port Dickson
#2 Spa Hotel in Port Dickson
#2 Best Value Hotel in Port Dickson
#2 Luxury Hotel in Port Dickson

Price ranging from $79 – $148 USD

Ranking: 4-Star

Rooms: 240 suites, rooms, and family rooms.

Bayu Beach Resort

Hotel Name: Bayu Beach Resort

Where:  41/2 Miles Jalan PantaiPort Dickson 71050, Malaysia

Trip Advisor Rating: 

#5 On the Beach Hotel in Port Dickson

#14 of 37 Hotels in Port Dickson

 Price ranging from $39 – $103 USD

Ranking: 3-Star

Rooms: 130 suites, rooms, and family rooms.


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Port Dickson Attractions, Port Dickson Beach,

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