Costa Rica Things To Do: Waterfall Rappelling at 100 Feet

Costa Rica Things To Do Waterfall Rappelling at 100 Feet, Cape Matapalo, Costa Rica Steadying himself, he took one step onto the wet, slippery rock on top of the falls and slipped. He then took another step and slipped again. My heart dropped and my stomach began to feel queasy. I watched him intently as he tried to make his way to the harness to


Close Your Eyes and Imagine Stunning Blue Costa Rica

By Cacinda Maloney Look at that sky, San Jose, Costa Rica It looked black and cloudy, then the torrents of rain began.  It caused my stomach to lift up and then down real fast as the tiny plane jarred my aching body.  Peering through the tiny window, Skies of Costa Rica I had great hopes for a tropical vacation, but it


A Yoga Retreat Blue Osa, Costa Rica

By Cacinda Maloney "When you lose, don’t lose the lesson." - Dalai Lama  Birds flying high in the sky are of stunning colors. Blue Osa Yoga, Puerto Jimenz, Costa Rica Macaws, I think. I can’t seem for the life of me to get a photo of a single one of them as they soar. Actually, they run in pairs and someone told me


Costa Rica is up next and I sure do need it

By Cacinda Maloney Diving - Cacinda Maloney I’m packing my bags again! I will be flying across bodies of blue water once more and this time it is to Costa Rica. I have always wanted to go there and when the opportunity came up, I jumped at the chance, not even realizing its timing. I have to admit to myself that I really