The Most Epic Things to do in Dingle!

From charming and colorfully painted fishing villages to beehive huts and stunning handmade pottery, the Dingle Peninsula offers a wide variety of things to do while visiting this portion of the Wild Atlantic Way. Dingle, Ireland has been isolated from the influences of the modern world until recently which has resulted in fun local culture and a dialect that is quite different than the rest


Things to do in Ireland

Things to do in Ireland A Journey Through The Countryside Let me take you on a journey through the greenest place on earth!  I swear I have never seen such greenery!  Ireland conjures up thoughts of the four-leaf clover, leprechauns and Irish dancers, but for me, GREEN was the biggest visual thing that I noticed. I live in the desert, so you can understand how


Killarney National Park, Ireland – Life As It Once Was

I am a city girl, even though I grew up in a small town, I have been living the city life now longer and officially have adapted to large city living; although I do appreciate the beauty and simple life of the country. Ireland Countryside So imagine my surprise on a recent trip to Ireland when I was taken aback by remnants of


Ireland – A Country With A Soul

  Dublin, Ireland Recently, I had the opportunity to yet again attend the Travel Blogger Exchange (TBEX), an international conference for writers, bloggers, photographers, tourism boards, PR people and people in the travel business. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it.  Finally, I find people who think like I do, travel like I do, and have the passion for travel that