A Tiny Island in the Middle of Rome: Tiber Island, Italy

I watched out the large rectangular window and the massive television screen blaring Italian on the wall at the same time. Glancing back and forth, I could see where each frame of the movie had been filmed. The main actor would walk into the door that I had just walked through and then up the stairs to the very room I was standing in. However,


Five reasons to rent an apartment in Rome, Italy

By Cacinda Maloney Rome, Italy Rome, the eternal city.  Who doesn't love Rome?  I fell in love the moment I landed there and have continued to go back there year after year.  It is a fabulous city!  There are so many things to see and do in Rome.  But one thing that makes Rome so much better is if you rent an apartment.


Top Secrets of Rome, Italy Revealed: Food!

I had no idea you guys loved your pizza so much! When I posted a photo of some pizza I had in Rome. I overwhelmingly got so many comments and "likes" on my facebook page that I decided to write about some interesting foods I have discovered in Rome. Pizza from Pizza del Teatro, Rome, Italy I was making my way to the


Get the Scoop on the Best Gelato in Rome,Italy!

Gelato in Rome Gelato in Rome Looking for the Best Gelato in Rome! We headed down Via dei Coronari knowing it was around here somewhere.  We had been here before and knew we had to find it again. We were somewhere near Piazza Navona when we ended up finding it tucked in an alleyway beside a  stone stairway with a secret-like entrance next to the Il


Vatican City can’t take a credit card or debit card!!

By Cacinda Maloney Just heard the news that the central bank of Italy has blocked the Vatican City's ability to accept credit cards or debit cards because of some questions about the holy city's compliance with anti-money-laundering controls. The ban went into effect January 1 , 2013, and still hasn't been fixed. So in the meantime, if you're waiting in line for, say, the Vatican


Italy: from Rome to Positano, a drive down to the Amalfi Coast

A series of posts:  Italy: from Rome to Positano, a drive down to the Amalfi Coast: Arrival into Positano (Part 1) Positano bites deep (Part 2) Furore, Italy:  the most beautiful place on earth and then there is  Ravello Italy: from Rome to Positano, a drive down to the Amalfi Coast:  The Abbey of Montecasino and Herculaneum: I'd say the Amalfi Coast is right on

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