Fun Niagara Falls Facts from the Canadian Side

What does a cat, a pet turtle named Sonny, a 7-year-old wearing a life jacket, and a tightrope walker all have in common?  Just the growing list of those plunging over the Niagara Falls, either by choice or otherwise! They basically all got sucked through a water hose of 180,000 pounds of water pressure in record speed. Can you imagine the pull of that water? I can


Rocky Mountaineer Train Travel: Enjoy The Ride!

Quietly, I sat alone in the brightly lit train station waiting to board my Rocky Mountaineer train trip. I had arrived too early and had plenty of time to wait. Slowly I put my head back and with my eyes closed, I imagined the majestic train rolling into the station. Train travel had always been fascinating to me and this was my chance to ride


7 Reasons To Consider Taking a Ride on the Rocky Mountaineer

Like a magic carpet ride, the scenery slips by the bi-level glass-domed windows, as you unplug and spend quality time with your significant other. Railway journeys have a way of tugging at your heartstrings by getting you to relax and unwind. You can move comfortably about the cabins, dive into quality executive chef cuisines, and even possibly spot a bear, a moose, a bald eagle


A Trip of a Lifetime – Riding the Rocky Mountaineer

How does a travel experience of a lifetime begin?  It starts by making an iconic trip, such as Rocky Mountaineer, a priority in your life as a top life experience. When you come to the realization that the only scarce commodity that we all have in this world is TIME, then that changes the urgency in your life. Why not spend some time educating yourself


Snorkeling with Beluga Whales in the Wild

Snorkeling with Beluga Whales On day two of my trip to Churchill, the weather wasn't as good as when I went kayaking with beluga whales the day before. It looked overcast and cold outside, but the guides decided that this was our only chance to do it: Go Snorkeling with Beluga Whales! I was actually going to get into the freezing Churchill River at the mouth of the


Kayaking with Beluga Whales

My Beluga whale day was gorgeous ... relatively speaking for a Summer Arctic adventure in Northern Manitoba, Canada with Lazy Bear Expeditions in Churchill on the Hudson Bay, to be exact. The weather was in the low 60's, but the sun was shining! We took the sea kayaks out for the day. Dragging mine behind me from the beach to shore was quite a feat


Beluga Whale and Polar Bear Safari: Churchill Manitoba

Gliding in on the charter plane near Churchill Manitoba, I knew I was in for a treat of nature. The area was full of polar bears and beluga whales during its Arctic Summer in Canada's Great White North. With over 3,000 Beluga whales migrating into the Hudson Bay and 1,000 Polar bears leaving the melting arctic ice, this was an amazing time to visit Churchill Manitoba.


Summer Travel to Niagara Falls with Radisson

Niagara Falls, Canada Summer Travel to Niagara Falls with Radisson Have you ever dreamed of visiting the famous Niagara Falls that lie on and near the international border of Canada and the United States of America? I had always dreamed of seeing the falls, but was lucky enough to finally visit them in 2012. I believe now is the perfect time to plan


In the Lap of Luxury – The Rocky Mountaineer Train

Photo courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer When searching for the most over-the-top, fantastic experience in luxury train travel, I knew that the Rocky Mountaineer train was the place to start. Especially since it is the largest privately owned, luxury tourist train in the world. I was ready to see what they had to offer on a full-on, luxury vacation. When I am talking about


Great Railway Journeys – Rocky Mountaineer

Great Railway Journeys A Train Ride Across Canada, Is it right for you? The answer for me: YES! By Cacinda Maloney Earlier this year, I was the eager guest of Rocky Mountaineer, one of the World’s greatest railway journeys. I was on board their route from Vancouver to Banff in the Canadian Rockies. There are many different train routes to choose from, but I am told


Rocky Mountaineer Train

 National Geographic once called Rocky Mountaineer Train one of the “World’s Greatest Trips.” National Geographic once called the Rocky Mountaineer "Named as one of the World' Greatest Trips." Rocky Mountaineer Train My personal story about Rocky Mountaineer Train: My Dad is a car guy, he still is. I believe once a car guy, always a car guy. Any extra money he had was always spent


Canada’s Prettiest Little Town: Niagara-On-The-Lake

Here is another one of those secret gems I have learned about on my travels: Niagara on the Lake is one of Canada's best-kept secrets! If you are planning a visit to Niagara Falls, it is well worth journeying the extra 20 minutes beyond the stunning waterfalls to visit this charming town of Niagara on the Lake. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada Niagara Falls, Canada side


What’s in a Name? My Brand: Points and Travel

By Cacinda Maloney Juliet: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)  Do you know what this blog is about?  Points and Travel A brand is passion, confidence, action, belonging. Mega corporations spend thousands of dollars developing the name of their brand or products.  A name can help a


Now that is some Cheesy Goodness: Cheesewerks of Toronto, Canada

By Cacinda Maloney Wow! Who would have ever thought of this? A place where they serve, you guessed it, CHEESE! Cheese, cheese everywhere. Cheese fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, nachos, mac and cheese, cheese fondue, and the list goes on and on! The whole concept of the little tiny eatery is to combine different types of cheeses from around the world and serve all of them,


The Distillery Historic District, Toronto, Canada

By Cacinda Maloney The Distillery Historic District, Toronto, Canada The Distillery Historic District, Toronto, Canada The shock thundered through him like cold blood running across the floor, he couldn't believe it, as he heard the terrible news.  She is gone.  The grief overtook him, so much so, that he climbed up in the tower and jumped from the company well.  He


Vancouver, Canada: An awesome place to visit!

By Cacinda Maloney Vancouver, Canada:  An awesome place to visit!   There are so many things to do in this wonderful city with your kiddos.  Pack them up and take them to Canada for a fun and exciting adventure. Start your day at Grandville Island, arguably the most amazing market on the west coast.  It has everything you can imagine under one cover.  From the