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 Before heading off to go diving in  Belize, I had to do quite a bit of research to find out who the best dive operators were in the three main dive islands: Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, and Placencia, While I was perusing the internet for recommendations for reputable dive shops in Belize for Ambergris Caye, I kept reading the same thing:

“Chuck and Robbie’s.”
“Robbie is the best!” and “Can’t wait to dive with Robbie again.”

Diving in Belize!

Soon enough, I knew I was on to something: one of the most recommended Belize diving companies in Ambergris Caye was Chuck and Robbies “The Dog House”, also known as Ambergris Cay Diving.



Ask Around to Get Safe Diving Shops 

I thought I would ask a few of my dive friends their thoughts about my family going on a few scuba dives in Belize. Again, I heard the same thing: “I use Chuck and Robbie’s — Robbie is a friend of mine and his instructor got me through my certification after I had not done it in 10 years which was after I had a horrible experience trying to certify in Mexico the first time.” – 


Thankfully, with a little effort, you can find reputable dive operators that will do their best to give you a memorable and safe diving experience. And soon enough I learned that Ambergris Caye Diving shop was one of the major ones recommended. Once I contacted Robbie, my family was set up for a day of diving. It is always awesome when you know you have picked the right person to go scuba diving with since diving has risks to start with. I feel it is necessary to have a safety-conscious divemaster, but also nice to have a personable divemaster as well.

Not only that, Ambergris Cay Diving has:

  • They own their own boats and have access to borrow other boats if needed.
  • They have hotel dock pickup on the island to and from the dive shop.  No transportation hassles.
  • They have a wide variety of dive site choices.
  • They have up to date BC’s with integrated weight systems and equipment.
  • Instruction is available.

These are general standards that you should find at pretty much any reputable dive shop. So make sure you investigate not only the dive shop, but the divemaster you will be working with. As safety in scuba diving is key.

Dive with a Safety Conscious Dive Shop

Before heading off for your Belize diving trip, I recommend that you find a few reputable companies throughout the islands where you will be scuba diving. A few options for the three major diving islands which are Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, and Placencia can be found here:

Ambergris Caye in San Pedro

Caye Caulker

  • Belize Diving Services

  • Frenchie’s Diving Services

  • Scuba Sensations


  • Reef Conservation International

  • Seahorse Dive Shop

  • Splash Belize Dive Shop

Our Deep Blue Dive


Our Deep Blue Dive

On a prior preliminary dive with another dive shop in Belize, the divemaster was safety-conscious and had obviously been diving his whole life, but one thing he really wasn’t, was personable. And I had a 16-year-old with an attitude who really didn’t want to be there, so it would have been nice if the divemaster had a bit more of a personality to get this guy excited about the dives we were getting ready to take that day.

That’s the thing about Robbie from Ambergris Caye Diving, he engages the kids and the adults . He actually talks to you and your kid, making them answer questions and look at their dive equipment set up before they get into the water. Overall he appears to be a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He is an American guy that moved to Belize City when he was 12 and then later to Ambergris Caye, so he knows the island, its culture, and its people well.


Super Successful Dive

Once we were in the water, we were set at ease as we made our way down to 60 feet for the first dive. It was a rather typical dive, with a grouper and a few nurse sharks that followed us around like lost puppy dogs.  Robbie was great and took our family of four on several dives. It ended up being the best day we had in Belize! Thanks, Robbie!

Disclosure: The dives with Chuck and Robbie’s Dive Shop was provided as a courtesy in exchange for this written article, but in no way influenced me to have the best day I had on my family vacation in years!

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