Snorkeling with Beluga Whales in the Wild

Snorkeling with Beluga Whales

beluga whales, churchill canada, churchill manitoba, artic adventures, baluga

On day two of my trip to Churchill, the weather wasn’t as good as when I went kayaking with beluga whales the day before. It looked overcast and cold outside, but the guides decided that this was our only chance to do it: Go Snorkeling with Beluga Whales! I was actually going to get into the freezing Churchill River at the mouth of the Hudson Bay and snorkel with beluga whales, which is crazy if you think too long about it!

beluga whales, churchill canada, churchill manitoba, artic adventures, baluga

We went for it even though it was cloudy and cold. I got suited up in long johns, a thin layer of pants, then the wetsuit on top of that. Later I put on my soft-shell ski jacket liner and then a dry suit (yes, it was that cold). I was extremely bulky and I looked like the Michelin man, but I didn’t care! My group made our way down to the dock and sped off in the Zodiac in the freezing water with not a beluga whale in sight. Hmmmm, things did not look good. We searched and searched, but there were no sightings of them, which was unusual because just the day before there were hundreds of them near the kayak put-in. We were in one of a group of two zodiacs, our group had the bad-ass girl guide JUD (if you ever go there. you will know what I mean, photo below.)

beluga whales, churchill canada, churchill manitoba, artic adventures, baluga, kayak, sea kayaking, hudson bay, churchill river, manitoba, Canada

Our girl guide, JUD and this is a photo of her without her gun!

Snorkeling with Beluga Whales

JUD decided to take off in a different direction than the other zodiac and we continued to search. Suddenly she caught sight of a few beluga whales when honestly I thought they were white caps in the ocean! (that is how rough the “seas” were and how much of a professional she is).

She drove toward them and stopped.  It was now or never.

beluga whales, churchill canada, churchill manitoba, artic adventures, baluga

I jumped in the freezing water. I had volunteered to be at the end of the rope for the snorkel, as I had heard that was the best spot to be able to see and interact with the beluga whales. Hand-over-hand on the rope, I pulled my way to the end of the rope in the freezing water. The zodiac boat pulled two ropes behind it. Another girl was at the end of the other rope (Canadian Kim Gray of Toque and Canoe). She started singing lullabies to the beluga whales, even though there weren’t very many in sight at the time (we had heard that they were attracted to singing in the water).

Beluga Whale and Polar Bear Safari: Churchill Manitoba, Polar Bears, Canada


I was out there for a good 25 minutes when I only saw two belugas pass by me at least 6 feet away. And I was freezing, so I decided to go back in. I could just view them from the boat, as I decided I had had enough of the cold water. Once myself and other snorkelers came in (my travel partner Annette Slowik-White of Bucket list Journey braved the water too), we kept watching Kim at the end of the rope. She was singing and we noticed that the beluga whales started to swarm around her and the boat!


Beluga Whales in the Wild

Since there were so many beluga whales swarming the boat, the guide told us to put our faces in the water, so that we could view them better.

Well of course, I did this immediately, but then I accidentally fell in face first! LOL!

So now here I am in the freezing water again, when JUD asked me if I wanted to go back out on the rope. I decided at that point to just go out on the rope and WOW! I am so glad I did.

beluga whales, churchill canada, churchill manitoba, artic adventures, baluga

WOW! It was magical! They were everywhere, the momma beluga whales with their baby beluga whales right next to them! They would swim by me, stop or hoover beside me, and stare at me with the one eye that I could see with what looked like a smile. They would swim under me, and around me… they were everywhere…it was so much fun!

‪This is one experience I will NEVER forget!

Beluga Whales and Me

Too bad I don’t have more great photos, as the visibility was not great, but I do have fond memories of one amazing week in Manitoba with beluga whales, memories I will never forget!

Come along with me as I kayak with Beluga Whales in Manitoba, Canada

beluga whales, churchill canada, churchill manitoba, artic adventures, baluga

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Disclosure: Thanks to Travel Manitoba and Lazy Bear Expeditions for sponsoring my trip to Manitoba.


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