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I’ve had many pieces of luggage during my almost 30 years of travel. Probably too many to count! But since changing careers and becoming a travel writer seven years ago, I’ve really had to up my game when it comes to how to pack and what luggage to bring with me.

Delsey Luggage Review

Obviously, different styles of trips require different types of luggage. If you float down theAmazon River basin in Guyana, that is a different style of a trip than if you take Qatar Airways Q Suites to Qatar for a few days, or if you check-in for a Scottsdale staycation or even take a dive trip to French Polynesia. Some trips require specialized equipment, some swimsuit, and flip flops. While other trips only need a swimsuit and flip flops. Every trip is different. I think that must be why I have so many pieces of luggage to deal with the different styles types of trips I take.

I can remember that years ago I wrote an article about my favorite piece of luggage, but I have yet to write an article about the most RELIABLE BRAND of luggage I have found: Delsey Luggage. In this Delsey luggage review, I tell you why I love the brand so much. In fact, Delsey is so confident about their smooth controlled movement and luggage design they have in their 360-degree spin that they have launched a new campaign that puts the spotlight on this smooth, perfectly controlled movement. 

8 Reasons Why I Love Delsey Luggage

Smooth Controlled Movement

I can tell that Delsey Luggage has perfected the art of smooth and perfectly controlled movement of their luggage. Since I am always on the go, I see the difference between mine and other people’s luggage at the airport. Mine glides right around with no problem. I see others fighting with their luggage! Delsey Luggage consistently has smooth and perfectly controlled movement, as they say, “the confident move”. The bag goes in the direction you want it to.

360 Spinner Wheels

My wheels have literally been practically everywhere. Rolling these wheels over cobbled streets in Rome, Italy, or the side streets of Savannah, Georgia, or even the walkway onto a Holland America Cruise ship seems to make no difference. My 360-degree wheels never give me a problem! These wheels are 360-degree “spinners” so that means I can roll or glide on all four wheels, or I can roll it on two wheels. I actually prefer to glide it on the four wheels, as it doesn’t take as much force. I also think that it feels like the wheels are a little more stable and I don’t feel the weight of the bag.

Durable and Lightweight

I received my largest piece of Delsey luggage about 4 years ago, a medium piece about 3 years, and my smallish backpack for just over 2 years now. They are STILL in great condition. And I fly a lot! In fact, I traveled to 47 countries in 2016, 20 countries in 2017, and 15 countries in 2018! I am always traveling! So I know good durability when I see it. And many times I am in countries where the luggage handlers are not your best friend! Do you know what I mean? Where your luggage gets beat up! But mine has lasted! Plus, the weight of each Delsey Luggage with nothing in them is lightweight, which is a necessity when starting to pack. You do not want to start with a heavy bag!

Expandable Delsey Luggage

Delsey luggage makes bags that can expand up to two inches! But even with this expansion, the luggage stays small enough that the medium-sized bags don’t look too bulky and the carry-on bags look smaller than other bags seen at the airport! This feature saved me on so many times while either trying to check-in at the airport or while boarding an airplane with the airline personnel eyeing my luggage. I typically try to pack as if the bag I pack can’t expand so that if I go shopping and buy something, I have the extra space if I need it.

10 years to Lifetime Warranty

Delsey luggage has a “10 years to Lifetime” warranty. And although most people probably don’t even use this or care about this, this has actually come in handy for me over the years of owning luggage. Like I said before, many luggage handlers either don’t care about your luggage or are just doing their job when your luggage gets damaged. Therefore, I love the “10 years to Lifetime” warranty. I, personally, have not used this warranty yet for my Delsey luggage, but if it does get damaged or I have problems with the wheels or zippers, I would definitely use it. In the past, I have used some luggage warranties and the results were positive.

Great Handle Placement

The handles on Delsey Luggage is awesome. I can pick it up off of a conveyor belt at the airport with no problem and it doesn’t matter which way it comes off, there is always a handle either at the top or along the sides. I can pick it up easily because of where the handles are placed. I also have never had issues with the handle getting broke. The handles appear to have heavy-duty wires in them that allow for them to be tough. The handles extend to the same height from the different sized bags so I can push two bags at the same time or pull two bags, one with each hand, from the same distance (ie. one is not shorter than the other).

The Layout of the Delsey Luggage

All of my Delsey Luggage bags are organized. Different styles are organized differently, obviously, but I do find that each one has their own sense of organization. Some are split into two parts with one side zipping closed to keep everything in place, while the other side has clips to keep everything on that side flat. I also have a DELSEY Luggage that has a laptop side that unzips and you can slide in your Macbook PRO easily in to and out of it. I think, as far as brands go, that I can fit more into my Delsey luggage than other brands, especially ones that are not very organized. This design also includes having a water-resistant Securitech zipper that nothing can seem to penetrate.

French design

Hey, am I the only one who cares about fashionable luggage? I don’t think so! I love the French design, as it has a nice look to it and makes me feel elegant. I love the way this luggage makes me look put together if I am carrying multiple pieces. It also looks nice as it comes off the conveyor belt at the airport. I can be confident that its texture and style continually stay in fashion, yet it has all the durable and useable features that I am looking for in a bag.

So there you have it, 8 reasons why I love the Delsey Luggage brand! If you have any questions about any piece they make, please feel free to contact me and we will get those questions answer!

Delsey Luggage Review

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