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Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

If there is one thing I love about my travels, it is the architecture that I get to see in different countries. I love to see the shape and form of places and how families live within them. I am fascinated by texture and old world looks, with peeling paint, fauxed walls (whether intentional or not), old doors and the vines growing up the walls. They create atmosphere and ambiance and make photographs memorable and “pop”. As a writer though, I am drawn to the romance of “If these walls could talk”. In a way, somehow, I think they can and this was no exception when I was visiting the underground cellars of Codorniu Wineries in the Catalonia area for an exclusive, luxury cava and wine tour in Spain.

Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

In the Cavernous Cellars of Cordorniu Wineries – Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Wine Tour in Spain

I imagined the beginnings of Codorniu way back in 1659, when young Anna Codorniu, who was the heir to the property where Cava Codorniu sits today, married the young winegrower Miguel Raventos. How that romance entangled them with Cava, only I am sure there had to be a villain in the mix. Who knows? But it does make for a nice setting to start a story. All these years later, there is a family fewd leaving Codorniu with no vineyards and the Raventos Estate across the street with all of them according to Spanish wine expert Anthony Swift of the company iWine!

Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Vintage sign at the Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Codorniu Winery in Spain

With my visit to Codorniu Winery in Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain, I was able to tour the grounds with Art Nouveau buildings, stroll through the gardens, visit the wine museum and take a trip to the underground cavernous cellars where over 1,000,000 bottles are stored. They even give you an opportunity to taste the cava.

Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Similar to the Champagne Regions in France

You may recall that a few months back when I was in the Champagne region of France, exploring the Champagne houses there. This tour was quite similar, only the vastness of this particular property is quite a bit larger than those I toured in La Champagne region.

Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Champagne cellar in Reims, France

Cava Underground Trains in Spain

The underground cellars are so large that they even have an underground train you can ride that takes you to different areas of the cellar. It is not really a train, per se, but more like the longest golf cart you have ever seen which seats 20 people plus on it. As we whizzed by bottle after bottle of cava, it made me realized that they were not joking about the vast number of bottles that are stored here by Codorniu Wineries.

Day Trip from Barcelona

A visit to the property is an interesting day trip from Barcelona, some 40 minutes away; so if you get a chance, take a trip out there for an excursion. In general, they are able to speak multiple languages, have convenient visiting hours, an interesting tour and the ability to taste their cava without paying a small fortune. They are able to give tours based on your level of knowledge and expertise. It costs up to 8 euros per person to visit, which includes the tasting.

Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Codorniu Wineries – Exclusive Luxury Cava and Wine Tour In Spain

Disclosure: My day trip to Cordorniu Wineries was sponsored by Oficina de Promoció Turística of Barcelona and the Costa Brava Tourism Board. However, the glee I felt that day, touring the amazing Codorniu Wineries was all my own!

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Jackie de Burca

Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

Hi Cacinda, Great minds think alike .....great post. It is a lovely area, and add in there the cava and architecture, well you can't go wrong! :9

Good to connect over on Twitter! Jackie

Cacinda Maloney

Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

Oh cool, I will have to take a look and read it!

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