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I’ve been just about everywhere, well not everywhere, but it is on my bucket list. Actually, it’s not. I never set out to travel to all the countries and continents in the world, but am glad I that I have come this far. My last country count was 86 countries, but I have been to many of them multiple times.

Before becoming a travel writer/blogger, I traveled every 6 weeks of my life for 20+ years as a lifestyle choice while working full time. Some people just don’t get the travel lifestyle and even sometimes I didn’t get it myself, but I knew I always looked forward to going somewhere!

I was always dreaming about where I would go next. After 6 years of being a travel writer/blogger, I still haven’t been everywhere but there does seem to be one glaring omission: Africa, which is why I am writing this article. Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari: Africa Eludes Me No More

Africa, you have escaped me. Africa, with your safari game drives that have herds of elephants in Tarangire, your sunrise breakfasts on the Serengeti, your big cats, and your great migration of millions of wildebeests, those stunning sceneries of Tanzania. You have eluded me. I am not quite sure why. Having traveled to 47 countries in 2016 and 20 countries in 2017, and 15 countries in 2018. But alas, not anymore! I’m going to Tanzania with Shadows of Africa and I couldn’t be happier!

Tanzania Safari,

Going on a Tanzania Safari!

I have hiked to Machu Picchu, galloped on camels at sunrise in Jordan, zip-lined through a rainforest in Mexico, rappelled a 100-foot waterfall in Costa Rica, kayaked in the Galapagos, sailed through Greece, floated in the Dead Sea, marveled at the markets of Guatemala, danced with natives in Fiji, swam with stingrays in the Cayman Islands, rode a luxury train across India and Canada, dived with sharks in Roatan, admired the Old City in Israelgawked at the Taj Majal, roamed the streets of Istanbul.

I went piranha fishing in the rivers of Guyana, swam with Beluga Whales in Canada, drifted down European waterways on luxurious ships, spent the night under the stars in the Atacama Desert of Chile, stayed in the Bocelli Suite in Positano’s Hotel Splendido, glimpsed at the old Soviet Union in Kiev and Lviv, toured the Baltic Capitals, lounged in the beauty of Tuscany, admired Red Square in Moscow, but still I have not feasted my eyes upon the African Serengeti.Tanzania Safari

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Best Travel Experience Ever

So looking back, memories flood my mind of all the amazing and wonderful travel experiences I have had. I think the memories are why I do this crazy job. Of course, many outstanding experiences rise to the top… but one, in particular, is etched deeply in my brain like no other:

Back in my younger days, I was making my way through rural Mexico when I arrived at the stunning San Miguel de Allende. Something about that town grabs my soul and twists it around. I have literally spent days remembering each detail of my time spent there. I go crazy for Mexican Colonial architecture, interior design, and the culture of San Miguel. So there you have it… San Miguel de Allende was one of my best travel holidays – ever.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A Safari is a Trip of a Lifetime

Lion in one of the Jungle lodges and resorts

Now, don’t you want to go to Tanzania? Who doesn’t want to go on a Tanzania Safari? 

Tanzania Safari

I can’t wait to write about my very first travel experience on a Tanzania Safari! As a safari is a trip of a lifetime. I have been dreaming about Africa for years! So finally my dream will come true!

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari

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