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Genoa, Italy and the BW City Hotel


Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy Piazza de Ferrari

Genoa, I return to you, like a long lost friend, you have become a welcoming sight.  So few Americans make their way into the trap of your charm, your beauty, and of course, your pesto.  Yet soon, I believe your region of Liguria will make it into the hearts of tourists worldwide, but secretly I wish they wouldn’t.

Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy

I find that Genoa is a relatively unknown Italian city for most Americans to visit and I must say that I certainly recommend it.  I am here to inspire you to step out of the “old Italian box” (“Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice”) and explore its other regions of Italy.

Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy

Genoa is easy to fly into and there is plenty to do and see, plus it is also quite easy to get around for someone who speaks no Italian.

Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy

An amazing area is the Piazza de Ferrari in the main city center square. This is the center where all the action is taking place and you can walk to most of the well-known sites from here.

Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy

I got lucky and stayed in Genoa on a prior trip and so I knew the perfect place to stay was the Best Western City Hotel.  It is the #1 ranked hotel on Trip Advisor for Genoa and I can say that I agree.  I loved the location, tucked away on Via San Sebastiano Street, where the road begins to narrow and only tiny, tiny cars can make it to the end, with a café right outside its doors and a prominent statue right out in front as well.

Genoa, Italy

Genoa, Italy

Although it is not a classical hotel and has a more modern décor, it is in the perfect location for your trip to Genoa.

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

Most Americans do not realize that the Best Western brand in Europe can be quite different that the American version of Best Western.  Although they are not known for luxury, this is one of their premier hotels.  It is also a place where I would stay again, as the service is amazing; the view from my room stunning and the location is picturesque perfect.  They were gracious and kind both times I have stayed here and they get rave reviews on Trip Advisor, a place where I have come to find the hidden gems of a city.

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

View from the terrace of the BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

When you stay here, you must book one of the penthouse suites, as the view is breathtaking.

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

It had the perfect view of Genoa, with a large terrace where I ordered room service from the exquisite LeRune Restaurant and had it delivered right up to my balcony so that I could enjoy the night sky outside.

How perfect is that?

Since the suite was so outstanding, I wanted to do a preview of the room, so that you will know to ask for it on your next trip to Genoa.

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

View from the BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

There are a few suites, but mine was room 822, high above the clouds.  Upon arrival from an overnight flight, the first thing I wanted to do was land in my room.

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

It has a typical working desk, a sofa bed, and a king size bed (all with majestic views), and an Italian bathroom with a soaking tub/shower combo.

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

But the thing that makes this room so incredible is the terrace balcony.

BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

View from the BW City Hotel Genoa, Italy

You just want to pinch yourself when you are out there above all of Liguria, overlooking the other homes and buildings in the area. One can see for miles and miles.  I was also able to get work done out on the terrace, so it is the perfect combination of work and then play, (or in my case, relax).  Soon I would be off to Bocadasse, which is a short bus ride from here and then on to the fisherman’s dream village of Portofino, so I had to be ready for my upcoming trip plans.

Where:  BW City Hotel, Genoa, Italy

Cost: Rooms start at 78.50 euros/night. The suite starts at 177 euros/night.

Number of rooms: 64

Amenities: free wifi, complementary breakfast, restaurant Le Rune on site,  minibar with drinks, snacks and candies, robes in the room, exercise mat, air conditioning from June to September!  See more here

Trip Advisor Rating:  #1 in Genoa, Italy


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Disclosure:  My stay was compliments of BW City Hotel in Genoa, Italy, but the opinions expressed here, as usual, are my own.

Travel Griz

Saturday 5th of December 2015

Great to see a post about a less traveled Italian city. Good suggestion on the Best Western. For Genoa, what sights or activities would you recommend?

Cacinda Maloney

Saturday 5th of December 2015

Take the funicular up to the top of the mountain to get a great view of the city... walk along XX September and see the fountain, then walk along the harbor... There are plenty of things to do!

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